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A stunning winter walk to Erraid

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

While the rest of the UK was snow and ice-bound last week, our guests took advantage of a clear sunny day to explore the tidal island of Erraid, and walk to Balfours Bay (Traigh Gheal) , surely one of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK. Balfours Bay is named after the fictitious character David Balfour in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Kidnapped”, who is washed ashore there in the story.


The sights and sounds of autumn

Monday, 16 October 2017

There are changes here in the natural environment, heralding the arrival of the new season and for us it simply adds to the delight of living in this wonderful part of Mull. Some bird species are leaving and others arriving as they migrate to and from winter grounds. We miss the flocks of swallows and sand martins which loved hunting for insects, swooping at great speed around our woodland edge but are pleased to see the return of whooper swans and tufted duck to the loch


Ninth Wave Restaurant Fionnphort

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Ninth Wave Restaurant is a lovingly renovated crofter’s bothy which was transformed into an exciting seafood restaurant, opening in 2009. Owners John and Carla Lamont say the ethos of Ninth Wave is “hedonism on a plate - where sustainability meets luxury”. The restaurant takes its name from Celtic mythology – that the “land of other worldly delights” lies beyond the ninth wave. The restaurant is located just outside Fionnphort and is walking distance from Achaban House; we can’t believe our luck that in our remote location we have such an exceptional eating place on our doorstep where the food is truly an “other worldly delight”.


Loch Pottie Trout

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Now that we are in the trout fishing season, Loch Pottie, at the bottom of the garden, beckons.  On any still, warm evening the sight of the surface of the water literally boiling with trout rises is too much to resist


Ben More, Mull - from sea loch to summit

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ben More mountain (Scottish Gaelic: Beinn Mhòr, meaning "great mountain") is the only Munro on the Isle of Mull and the highest peak in the Inner Hebrides apart from the Isle of Skye.  It is also the only Munro that requires a ferry journey to reach it and is often the last one attempted by “Munro Baggers”


Welcome to Achaban House

Thursday, 12 January 2017

We took over Achaban Guest House in November 2016 and have been adapting it to guest accommodation with an open kitchen and dining room.  This is a fairly new phenomenon in guest accommodation, but we think it's what many people are looking for these days; private bedrooms and bathrooms but with the freedom and flexibility to prepare and cook their own food when the like it and how they like it.